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General information

Fairfax cryobank
Medium Light
5' 10"
170 lbs

Donor information

Technology Business Developmt
Acting, Boxing, Drums, Golf, Remodeling Houses
MBA/Business Adminstration
Donor 6243 is confident man who is up to any challenge. A world traveler, he likes adventure and being out in nature. He aims to live life without regret, and for him this means seeing as much of the world as possible. He has an empathetic, curious perspective that allows him to find common ground with nearly any type of person. Warm and gregarious, his natural optimism and love of life enriches everything he does. He is very intelligent as well, and loves to read books about history, business, or anything else that can broaden his horizons. Our staff consider him very handsome man with thick dark hair that he sweeps back in a sporty style. His well-groomed, jaw-flattering beard frames a playful grin and gives this donor an inviting, charming energy. His beautiful hazel eyes are framed by straight brows and long dark eyelashes. His confidence and self-respect are reflected in his stylish, well-fitted clothing and overall professional, put-together appearance. He looks like Adam Levine.

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