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Our Search tool lets you search through hundreds of sperm and egg donors, using the criteria most important to you.

There are some donor criteria that may be worth noting only if you have a Doctor’s recommendation that you share these traits with the donor, such as CMV status or blood type. Other criteria like donor type may be important in the future: it is each individual and family’s choice, but the identity of the donor may be significant when a donor-conceived child reaches adulthood.


Information is available for each donor online, free, and can include photos as well as additional testing or screening information.


CAN-AM is a registered Canadian importer of donor eggs and sperm, inspected and verified annually by Health Canada. Everything we do is subject to extensive verification to make sure that each customer is receiving proven, safe, and very well regulated products and support. Each cryobank we work with must comply with the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all of our work is approved by Health Canada.


The cost of donor sperm is determined by the source cryobank and CAN-AM has negotiated lower prices for Canadians when compared to prices our suppliers' US clients.

CAN-AM helps keep cost to clients down with the best shipping prices available per order. CAN-AM will match any national competitor’s published shipping price, as delivered by FedEx or Purolator

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