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NW Cryobank offers a selection of high quality egg donors featuring college educated donors from campuses throughout the Pacific Northwest. Due to our rigorous donor requirements, only about 5% of those that apply to become a donor will be selected. NW Cryobank has established stringent acceptable standards and our donors have been screened both medically and psychologically according to FDA requirements and ASRM recommendations, to assure that the eggs we provide are retrieved from healthy, educated donors. Our donors are thoroughly tested and only the healthiest, mature eggs are provided to our recipients. In addition, a comprehensive genetic testing panel has been performed on all egg donors. This same genetic testing panel can be made available to your partner to assure exceptional genetic compatibility.

NW Cryobank looks forward to helping clients in Canada achieve their dreams of having a family with exceptional service and quality.

Donor Information

Adult Photos & Extended Donor Profiles are offered at nwcryobank.ca. Contact CAN-AM for all program details.