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**UPDATED** New ONLINE orders of sperm will now receive 2 free months of storage with the purchase of 1 month storage ($34).

CAN-AM Cryoservices has been closely monitoring the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and its effects on the provision of fertility services offered by our partner clinics across Canada. As a result of the closure or reduction of service of many of these centres, CAN-AM has decided to suspend new shipments of sperm and eggs to all clinics until further notice.

Any previously-purchased shipments of donor sperm which are cancelled, or had been tentatively booked after the week of March 23, will be held at CAN-AM until further notice and you will be entitled to 2 free weeks of storage.

New orders of donor sperm can continue to be placed ONLINE for future shipment. A one-month storage fee of $34 will apply, and an additional 2 free MONTHS of storage will be included in your purchase. You will be notified once CAN-AM reopens and your order is available for shipment to your clinic.

I would like to reassure our clients that maintenance of our storage facility will not be interrupted, and that trained staff will be available at all times to oversee the continued safe storage of your deposits.

If you wish to place an order, or speak with us about your existing account, please email info@canamcryo.com or donoreggs@canamcryo.com and one of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We will do our best to keep you updated as we move forward through this challenging time.

We appreciate your support and understanding of this decision. We encourage our clients to observe recommendations from Public Health authorities and to stay up-to-date through Canada’s Public Health website.
- Haimant Bissessar,
CAN-AM Cryoservices

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