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*Due to COVID-19, CAN-AM sperm banking services are limited. Please contact us for urgent cases and we will do our best to accommodate.*

CAN-AM provides sperm banking for men undergoing cancer treatment, in partnership with HART Fertility Centre. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends sperm banking for men undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy, or having surgery to treat testicular cancer.

Sperm banking clients can visit our main laboratory or use our PreServe kit to collect at home or in the hospital. The PreServe sperm Transport kit can be shipped back to CAN-AM from any FedEx distribution centre with Priority service in Canada.

To ensure the best quality sperm sample is stored, we recommend that you bank your sperm before you begin any treatments which can be damaging to sperm. We will work closely with you, your doctor and your treatment centre to begin your banking as quickly as possible and avoid delay in your treatment.