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Please call or email to book an appointment to bank your sperm. Blood testing must be completed prior to storage. You can collect your sperm sample on-site at our Hamilton laboratory, or at home and deliver it to the lab if you live within 1 hour’s drive.

If you are not able to travel to our lab, you can order a PreServe Sperm Transport Kit. The Kit allows you to collect your sample at home or in the hospital and ship it to our lab via FedEx Priority Overnight shipping. Please contact us for more information, or to order your kit.

Choose the storage term that works best for you: by month or by year. No matter how many deposits you make, you only pay one storage fee.

Sperm Freezing - ICI (unwashed) preparation $300
Clinic transfer fee $100
Home collection by PreServe Sperm Transportation Kit
PreServe Sperm Transport Kit™ $75
Sperm Freezing - IUI (washed) preparation $300
FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping (ON): $75
FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping (QC): $90
FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping (Rest of Canada): $145