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About First Egg Bank

First Egg Bank is a trusted European egg donor bank, boasting 450 egg donors who have been screened in accordance with Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA). As an integral part of Medicover Fertility Family, First Egg Bank supplies premium frozen donor eggs to fertility centres worldwide.

Clients may choose from a wide range of donor characteristics, with a broad selection of donors of Caucasian descent. First Egg bank ensures the high quality of donor eggs thanks to the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team of professionals, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory techniques,

Choose First Egg Bank to be a part of your team, and to share in your dreams and joys of parenthood.

First Egg Bank offers:
  • Batches of 8 and 12 frozen donor eggs
  • Embryo creation

Egg Donor Requirements and Screening

Over 450 available egg donors with a wide range of phenotypes to meet the needs of our most selective clients. Donor egg inventory exceeds 5000 available vitrified oocytes obtained from donors with diverse phenotypes.

Egg donor requirements:
- young fertile women at the age of 18-36
- physically  and mentally healthy
- proven fertility
- have no hereditary illnesses

Egg donor screening
All egg donors are screened according to the list of tests provided below and are rescreened immediately before starting the program.

Egg Donor Catalog

  • Egg donor profiles (free adult photos and complete personal profiles)
  • Anonymous and Open ID donors
  • 7 days free access to the catalogue


Outstanding Success rates

We are proud to improve our outcomes year by year and step-by-step, to bring to life the dream of starting a family for our clients.

High standards for donor egg quality control allow clinic partners and clients to put their trust in First Egg Bank. Due to stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), as well as employment of a double-witnessing system, our fertility specialists, doctors, nurses and embryologists constantly keep an eye on each stage of the whole process – starting from donor’s screening and ending with oocyte vitrification and transportation to the client’s treatment point. This helps us ensure high standards of our work and superior quality of the donor eggs provided by First Egg Bank.


Egg donor and embryo plans

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Transport to Canada

First Egg Bank Courier Service provides safe shipping of frozen donor eggs, sperm or embryos from Europe to Canada. Transportation takes place in a special cryoshipper equipped with temperature data logger and is performed under the constant care of our courier during transit. You can be assured that donor reproductive cells will arrive at your clinic safely.

How to order First Egg Bank donor eggs?

​Visit www.canamcryo.com to view Canadian-compliant egg donors and get started today:
Phone: 1-888-245-3471
Fax: 1-877-772-6387
E-mail: info@canamcryo.com
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm EST
CAN-AM offers customer service in English and French.