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CAN-AM is the largest distributor of donor eggs across Canada. We import vitrified (frozen) eggs from NW Cryobank and Fairfax Egg Bank, two of the largest and most established egg banks in the U.S.

Choose from more than 150 egg donors, including Open-ID donors, with access to extensive donor information, childhood and adult photos, and comprehensive genetic screening panels.  

Vitrified donor eggs have many advantages over fresh donor egg cycles:
  • Your treatment conforms to your schedule and lifestyle alone. Fresh donor eggs cycles must be coordinated so the recipient’s cycle coincides with that of the fresh egg donor
  • Your supply of vitrified eggs is guaranteed at the time of your treatment. The number of eggs retrieved from a fresh donor can vary considerably, or the cycle could be cancelled altogether
  • Quality guarantees are offered for the use of vitrified eggs

Cycles using vitrified donor eggs have similar pregnancy rates and are more cost effective that fresh donor egg cycles. The use of vitrified eggs also result in shorter wait times to treatment and fewer cycle cancellations.

Please contact donoreggs@canamcryo.com for more information or to reserve your donor.