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CAN-AM is the largest importer and distributor of donor sperm and eggs in Canada.

Choose from more than 150 egg donors with access to extensive donor information. We also offer access to comprehensive genetic screening panels, to ensure you have all relevant information in making an important decision.

Frozen donor eggs have many advantages over fresh donor egg cycles:
  • When using a fresh egg donor, the recipient must be on the same cycle timeline as the donor- frozen eggs, on the other hand, can be administered to your schedule and timeline.
  • Your supply of frozen eggs is uniquely guaranteed at the start of your treatment. A fresh donor is more variable, with inconsistent numbers of eggs, and the risk of the whole cycle being cancelled.
  • Quality guarantees are offered for the use of frozen eggs, examined by trusted experts.

Cycles using vitrified donor eggs are more cost effective and just as successful in treatment as fresh donor egg cycles. They are also subject to shorter wait times, and there are fewer cancellations.

For more information on our donor egg suppliers and the ordering process, click here: DONOR EGGS

Once you have selected a donor, please complete our Donor Egg Order Form to request your reservation. We will contact you to confirm and send further instructions within two business days. Please contact donoreggs@canamcryo.com.