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CAN-AM offers the best individual pricing on both donor sperm and shipping: we will match any competitor’s published shipping price by FedEx or Purolator.

While donor Sperm and Eggs are zero-rated by Revenue Canada, HST or PST/GST is applicable to all other products and services, including shipping charges.

CAN-AM accepts payment by MasterCard, Visa, e-transfer, wire transfer, or bank draft. These payment methods are also applicable for donor eggs and guarantees, except credit cards.

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.
  ICI (Intracervical) - UnwashedIUI (Intrauterine) Prewashed
Price per vial 1 - 5 units6+ units1 - 5 units6+ units
Fairfax cryobank
Identity options$920$905$920$905
NW Cryobank
Identity options$795$795$795$795
ID Disclosure$795$795$795$795
Cryogenic Laboratories (CLI)
Identity options$920$905$920$905
Seattle Sperm Bank
Identity options$930$915$930$915

*Prices guaranteed for pre-approved clinics in metropolitan areas. For shipments to family/general practitioners, clinics without storage or to a destination not listed, please contact CAN-AM for a quote. Additional tank rental fees (3-6 days) may apply depending on postal code. Calculations are accurate to the best of CAN-AM’s ability but may not reflect surcharges, unpublished or incidental discounts.
*Additional Fees: 1) For shipment of Donor Sperm from storage, see Other Fees. 2) For shipment of Client-banked sperm,
see Sperm Banking Fees. 3) For clients using tank rental services, please contact CAN-AM for shipping quotes.

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 Allotment/Cohort of minimum six (6) donor eggs
NW Cryobank
Donor egg package (six (6) donor eggs)** $13 850*
Fairfax Egg Bank
All-inclusive donor egg guarantee package (six (6) donor eggs)** $18 225*
Cryos International
All-inclusive donor egg guarantee package (six (6) donor eggs)** $16 500*
Asian Egg Bank
All-inclusive donor egg guarantee package (six (6) donor eggs)** $25 800*


Flat Canada-wide priority shipping of $250 with purchase of an allotment 6 (six) or more eggs, or $500 with allotments of 5 or fewer, where available. Additional shipping fees may apply for Embryo Creation programs. FedEx/UPS/Purolator or local courier (includes return shipping of container).