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General information

Fairfax cryobank
5' 10"
152 lbs

Donor information

Residential Instructor
Other (Agnostic)
Art, Cooking, Reading, Yoga
BFA/Integrated Studio Arts
Donor 5677 is an artistic, empathetic man who integrates his natural creativity into every aspect of his life. His genuine interest in other people, as well his love of art, inspires him to become an art therapist. This donor prioritizes mental and physical health, and practices yoga or exercises daily. He loves to read, draw, and cook and believes that expressing oneself through art is highly beneficial to one's health. A vegetarian for many years, he likes to explore a whole new realm of culinary possibilities. The sense of community he experienced growing up in a small town has led him to seek meaningful connections with everyone he meets. He is lean and strong, a result of his devotion to his yoga practice. His radiant smile is always on display, giving this donor a sunny, cheerful appearance. His thick, dark brown hair is usually trimmed neat and short, and its rich color contrasts with his fair skin. His warm chocolate brown eyes are flecked with shimmering gold tones that are especially noticeable in sunlight. He looks like athlete Rafael van der Vaart.

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