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Please expect, and plan for, delays when placing your order.    
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Our website lets you search through hundreds of Canadian-compliant sperm and egg donors, using the criteria that matter most to you.

Some criteria for choosing a donor, like CMV status or blood type, may only be important if your doctor has recommended that you choose a donor who matches you. Other criteria, like donor type, may become important when your child reaches adulthood and may have questions about the identity of their donor.


Additional information is available for purchase directly from the cryobank, like childhood or adult photos of your donor, or additional testing or screening information. You can also access some of this information through an on-site donor selection consultation with CAN-AM.


CAN-AM imports donor sperm and eggs from six different cryobanks, where screening and testing of donors must comply with requirements of the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

CAN-AM is registered Canadian importer of donor sperm and eggs, and is inspected annually by Health Canada. We ensure that all donor sperm and eggs we distribute comply with requirements of Health Canada and the Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) Act (2004) and the AHR Consent Regulations (2007) for donor sperm and eggs.


The cost of donor sperm is determined by the cryobank. Factors that affect pricing include the preparation type (“washed”/IUI vials compared to “unwashed”/ICI vials) and the donor type (anonymous or Open-ID). Generally, the more work that goes into producing a vial by the cryobank, such as processing IUI vials and administering an Open-ID donor program, the higher the price per vial.

CAN-AM helps keep the client costs down by offering the best shipping prices per order. Some distributors try to lower shipping costs by sending several clients' orders at once, or by using a lesser know courier. Split shipping means that you order has to wait until other patients finalize their orders, and your final costs may be unpredictable until the day of shipment. CAN-AM will match any national competitor's published shipping price, delivered by FedEx, UPS or Purolator (where available, and depending on destination).

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