Important notice to clients: Please be advised that we have experienced some delays in shipping services due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Courier services are no longer guaranteeing overnight service and delays of several days are occurring.  Additional delays due to weather and the approaching holiday season are possible.  
Please expect, and plan for, delays when placing your order.    
Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work together during these challenging times.
Late tank fee / day (after 7 days)   $150
Donor sperm retrieval fee (from storage)   $50
Lost or Un-returned tank   $1200
Rental of dry shipper / day   $35
Rush Order (order and shipment within 24 hrs.)   $95
Returned or NSF cheque   $35
Cancellation of donor sperm order prior to shipment   $150
Cancellation of donor egg order prior to shipment   $500
Account history inquiry (to look up invoices)   $35
Donor Selection Consultation (per half hour) PROMO $50