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JOB ID 004 - Hamilton (Bilingual)

JOB TITLE: Bilingual Client Services Representative - Donor Sperm, Donor Eggs and Embryo Services
POSTED DATE: December 24, 2020
LOCATION: Hamilton, Ontario
REPORTS TO: Client Services Coordinator and President
ASSISTS: Client Services Representatives, Regulatory Compliance Manager
LANGUAGE: English and French required
The Client Services Representative – Donor Sperm, Donor Eggs and Embryo Services is responsible for communicating with clients in regards to placing orders, helping clients choose a donor, communicating with distributors and generating orders for donor sperm, donor eggs and embryos from distributors.
The following list of responsibilities is to be performed:
1. Client Services Representative ­– Donor Sperm, Donor Egg/Embryo
  • Manage incoming service inquires (via phone and email)
  • Identify and assess client’s needs
  • Build sustainable relationship and trust with customer accounts through open, honest and interactive communication
  • Provide clients with accurate, valid and complete information by using company databases, company and supplier’s website, supplier contacts
  • Discuss donor and payment options with clients and answer questions
  • Help client navigate the ordering process and provide applicable documents to complete  
  • Handle customer complaints, provide appropriate solutions/alternatives, document and escalate as required. Act within reasonable time limits and follow up to ensure appropriate resolution.
  • Communicate with distributors to arrange for transfers, troubleshoot website issues.
  • Generating applicable documents for donor sperm, donor egg/embryo shipments.   
2. Possible Additional Duties
  • Invoicing patients, processing payments
  • Office supply and equipment – monitoring, maintenance and ordering